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It's Pumpkin Season! *Bonus* Recipe #'s 32 & 33

This recipe has been on my list to make since the beginning of October...

Friday, October 30th rolled around and it was now or never!

Make sure you have tall glass prepared for this one...


* velvety pumpkin pie smoothie + whipped coconut cream*

Oh She Glows

A smoothie! I'm freezing my buns off! Heck no...

The mornings have officially rounded that dreaded corner and taken on the chill of the season. While I love a lot of things about fall and winter, shivering getting out of bed is not one of them. No way was I going to have something cold for breakfast...

Which was why I kept putting off making this.

The only reason why I finally made this was because Angela Liddon wrote that this is a smoothie she can't get enough of during her pumpkin craze in October.

One of the most important goals I have for this challenge is to eat with the seasons. So, since she mentioned October as when she made this smoothie, October it is.

Haha, I'm just reading what she wrote again now, and I missed it where she said "for approximately two months". That means October and November. Well, I'm glad I misread it and made it in October. Because now I can make it in November as well!


Can I admit how wrong I was?

Holy moly, believe me, you will crave this decadence!

This was a heavenly breakfast on that chilly morning. Yes, absolutely heavenly. I didn't mind one bit that it was cold. The magical combination of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg warmed my soul if not my body temperature. Oh the joys of fall! To me, this season is made up of an aromatic blending of spices, beautiful hues of orange and red, and the crunch of leaves underfoot. This smoothie is the perfect accompaniment to the season. I have been huddled up and despondent because of the newfound cold this month, and you won't believe it: now my taste buds and I are dancing in anticipation, and all the world outside my window seems beautiful and good. I even got out of bed at 6:45 to go running in the refreshing bliss of the morning. (refreshing bliss = blood-chilling air)

One recipe of the whipped coconut cream makes enough to top a bunch of smoothies with. I have made this smoothie five mornings in a row now. Yes. 5 mornings. 5 smoothies = 2 cans of pumpkin. I had 2 cans.

The first, second, and third time I actually followed the recipe instructions. The fourth time, I threw everything in the blender—whoopie! By the fifth time, I had the ingredients and their quantities memorized.


I used the ground nutmeg from our spice drawer instead of buying fresh.

No need to spend extra money on a vanilla bean for the whipped coconut cream. I used vanilla extract and it worked perfectly.

The whipped coconut cream on top is a real treat. You do have to remember to refrigerate a can of coconut milk overnight though... if you forget, don't worry! This smoothie is still absolutely delicious on its own. I had to drink some to prevent my glass from overflowing (I did warn you to prepare a tall glass).


Try it for yourself:

velvety pumpkin pie smoothie and whipped
Download • 1.45MB

How much do you love pumpkin now?

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