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*Bonus* Recipe #6

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Any bonus recipes I made will be posted at the end of each week. A sweet note for all! (recipe included at the end of the post)


It was around a year ago that I discovered overnight oats. I was looking for a healthy and filling breakfast when tight on time. I have since experimented with making many different types. They are delicious, cheap, and super easy to make. All it starts with is whole grain rolled oats soaked in milk and/or yogurt, and there are so many twists and additions you can add from there. When I was going to school in person (driving!), this was a breakfast I would make all the time when anticipating a rush to get out the door. So, for me that meant... basically every morning :).

I remember running 5 minutes late, grabbing my prepared bowl out of the fridge, throwing on any final toppings in much haste, and literally sprinting out the door (backpack in one hand, my precious breakfast balancing precariously in the other). If you are wondering: only one time did I drop my bowl on the floor—I was absolutely devastated—after that I was more careful. I devoured each spoonful during the car ride.

Mornings I had overnight oats to look forwards to were always highly anticipated. My grumbling stomach thanked me for my thoughtfulness. So while it might take 5 minutes and a little push to prep it in the evening; I promise it is so worth it for the convenience in the morning.

If you have never made overnight oats before, tried and didn't much like them, or are in need of some good recipes; here are my favorites and 25 fresh ideas for your morning bowl:

Give these a shot! They might just blow your mind (and your taste buds) away!


* Hemp and Vanilla Bircher Breakfast *

The First Mess

This recipe is a little different to the overnight oat bowls I have made, though similar in context. Hemp and chia seeds are added to the mix for a little extra oomph, and the simpleness in ingredients here is key in capitalizing on summer's seasonal fresh fruit.

All it took was 3 minutes, Monday night, to combine everything in a container with a good stir and put it in the fridge to soak up the liquid.

In the morning, I topped mine off with a generous scoop of pomegranate seeds (one of my favorite fruits), sliced strawberries, and a scoop of almond butter. I was just following what she topped the model one in the picture with, but feel free to go wild and use whatever fruits you have on hand or enjoy.

The toppings made the vanilla flavor explode in my mouth! Despite being on the runny side (see in the picture how the toppings sunk in), it was delicious and surprisingly filling for it being a light summer breakfast. I made it in double quantity to have for breakfast Thursday morning as well.

This is another great easy breakfast option for busy mornings to add to your repertoire. I'll definitely be making this occasionally, even perhaps in the depths of winter cuddled in a thick sweatshirt!

My advice:

If you are going for a thicker consistency and want your toppings to stay afloats, add a tad less almond milk.

Hemp and Vanilla Bircher Breakfast

Here's the recipe as promised:

Hemp and Vanilla Bircher Breakfast
Download PDF • 559KB

I encourage you to give it a try yourself.

Let me know in the comments any of your favorite overnight oats recipes, how you liked this recipe, or what you topped yours with!

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