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*Bonus* Recipe #39

Tuesday, November 17th.

Today it rained. It was a beautiful, misty kind of rain, that fell slanted down to the Earth. It started raining right after getting home from getting my retainers cleaned this morning. A big sigh of relief for that. My retainers were filthy! A white bacteria or whatever it was, was all over them. Well, now I guess I don't have any excuse not to wear them... every... single...night.

Okay back to the cooking challenge.

With softball practice cancelled because of the rain, I have surrendered myself to the ultimate of comforting pastimes: baking. I scratched my plan of making these on Thursday, today was the day...


* Apple and Banana Spelt Muffins *

Deliciously Ella

The dichotomy of pancakes and waffles is a similar one to cookies and muffins. Cookies are personally my favorite, and they are one of my favorite things to bake. For one, they can be gooey. I am a sucker for gooey cookies; the ones practically oozing chocolate. Yes, chocolate chip cookies. What can beat them in this world? For two, they take practically 10 minutes to bake! I loathe waiting. Waiting for something to bake is the WORST type of waiting. How can you get anything done when your mouth is watering like crazy in anticipation?! This is why cookies are right up my alley.

However, these muffins I was highly anticipating. Sunday, when I was planning what I would cook this week, I noticed three ripe bananas hanging out on our fruit rack. Guess what this recipe called for?

Three ripe bananas!

Isn't it wonderful when everything aligns?

Also, what is better than ripe bananas? You can make the most delicious goodies with them.

It's been awhile since I've made muffins. The last time was way back when I made those chocolate chip zucchini muffins (see previous post). And these ones looked absolutely delicious. Plus, she even wrote, "This is one of my favourite recipes in the book." So like... these better be good!

I was skeptical about the chunks of apple in the batter...

Making muffins is really quite simple, which is one of the reason why, like cookies, it is such a soothing activity. Transfering the batter into the muffin tins can be the most fun... or the most painful part.

If all the batter makes it cleanly into the muffins tins then it's a success! Really though, I am getting better at curbing my perfectionist nature. I didn't feel the need to make all the muffins the same height, and smooth the tops. My hunger was telling me it really didn't matter.

The best thing about vegan baking?

You don't have to worry about raw eggs!

Go ahead and lick that bowl clean I tell you. To tell you the truth, this girl has no self control when it comes to that.

Arranging the three slices of apple on top made me feel so dainty. Then they had to bake... for 25 minutes!! (can you see cookies superiority now?)

warm muffins with a glass of almond milk

25 minutes was perfect. They were golden across the top. The aroma was incredibly alluring. It was very begrudgingly that I allowed them the specified 10 minutes to cool. The waiting was painful going.

*Wow, I've used the word painful a lot. I might be being a bit over dramatic and incorrect with it's usage. I apologize for that. The 'pain' I experienced was a far cry from what many people in the world have truly suffered through.*

I was hovering, counting down the seconds with the clock.

Nothing can beat warm homemade baked goods. This is a fact.

Wowee was it absolutely delectable to bite into. The apple cubes in the muffins actually become gooey from the baking. Yes. Warm, soft, and gooey. It was love at first bite!

These muffins reminded me of the ones my grandparents would bring with them when they travelled to visit. In theirs, they used almond flour, which lent them a cravably light, fluffy texture similar to these. Ah to reminisce.

I had meant to have two, but went back for a third... they were AMAZING! Everyone in my family had one... or two.

Even my sister. My dad had one too! (He almost never eats any sweets or baked goods)


I used less coconut sugar than called for in the recipe. I have learned from past recipes I've made from this cookbook; she likes her food a little too sweet for my taste. But that's a personal preference.

The sliced apples on top made the muffins look particularly beautiful. However, they kind of got in the way of biting into the muffin. I'm undecided about whether next time I make these I'll include them or not. For one thing, the part right underneath them was wonderfully gooey. I'm not sure whether they will retain that gooeyness without the apple slices. I guess I'll have to test it out and see... :)

This recipe was in the breakfast section, but I've found that baked goods don't fill me up for the day as well as I'd like. A muffin or another sweet like this only incites my cravings.

These made a perfect afternoon snack though!

Enjoy them yourself!

Download PDF • 978KB

Even if you are a cookie person like I am, I swear you will love these muffins. These are so easy and require minimal ingredients, even if they do cook for longer than I'd like to wait.

Leave a comment if you tried them!

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