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*Bonus* Recipe #22

And... for the long awaited, highly anticipated, yearly tradition of mine.

Starting when we were little, our family has gone apple picking on Rosh Hashanah. It's our family tradition. And what do we do with all those apples?

Make apple crisp was my answer!

I remember, living in Massachusetts, every year my dad would buy one of those box apple crisp recipes from the grocery store (and a carton of vanilla ice-cream). I would peel and cut all the apples and mix them in with the already prepared crumble mixture. Making it was one of the most anticipated parts of the season! I felt so proud taking that crisp out of the oven—I was a real chef. You can understand; it was one of my first cooking endeavors.

My family has since moved to California. Last year we didn't go apple picking, and there was no apple crisp. Very sad.

When I saw the apple crumble recipe in the Oh She Glows cookbook, I was so excited! This year there wouldn't be any box recipe, I was going to make it from scratch (and a healthy version)! You bet I knew exactly when I would make it...

Sharing this recipe is my way of wishing you all a sweet year and fall season. Nothing can say it better than a heaping bowl of this crumble, hot-out-of-the-oven!


Friday, September 25th

* Mother Nature's Apple Crumble *

Oh She Glows

This recipe kept getting pushed back. It was supposed to be one of last week's recipes, and I was making it for Rosh Hashanah, as making an apple crisp is my Rosh Hashanah tradition. That didn't happen.

We got to the apple orchard late in the afternoon. It was an hour and a half drive both ways, and everyone was hungry—nobody wanted to wait to eat until we got home.

This is how we ended up having our Rosh Hashanah dinner in the parking lot of an In-N-Out Burger. I was not the happiest about this, for many reasons (hamburgers, environment, bad!), but I had no other choice except to go along. My mom got me a chocolate milkshake, so I was happier after that. Because of this stop, we got back home too late for me to have time to make the special apple crumble (plus I'd already had a milkshake!).

I thought I would make it Sunday.

Monday I would make it.

By then, my family probably thought, she keeps saying she's going to make this apple crumble...When is she going to make the damn thing? Everybody, including myself was impatient. It was not until Friday afternoon that I got my window.

These were my 8 apples. I thought I would take a picture of them to show how perfectly imperfect they were.

Each apple I peeled and cut separately, and I had a count down going: "3 down, 5 to go." It was actually pretty fun :).

Peeling didn't seem like such a laborious task as it had previously, and my peeling efficiency is definitely improving!

Finally, I sprinkled on the oat and nut crumble and it was ready to go in the oven. Time flies by so fast—I took me over an hour! I can't believe it took that long! Seriously?

After an hour of cooking... the long awaited, highly anticipated apple crumble was done at last! The sweet smell of baked apples filled the kitchen...

Warm, fresh out of the oven and ready to eat at 4:30. All gone by dinner time (7:30). To say the least, it was a highly popular success! It was SO DELICIOUS!! Everyone went back for more, and my sister and mom were gushing their enthusiasm. The vanilla bean ice cream was gone fast as well.

Shhh... don't tell... I got normal dairy ice-cream to eat with this. Not because non-dairy isn't good. It was because this pint of ice cream had prime savings—I'm always looking to lower the cost of my grocery order.

This amazingly sweet, juicy apple crumble with a generous scoop of ice cream was SO worth the wait. This recipe is now the apple crumble I'll be making for my Rosh Hashanah tradition!


Try it for yourself:

Mother Nature's Apple Crumble
Download PDF • 1.10MB

After a bite of this, making apple crisp might just become your new Rosh Hashanah or fall tradition. Having this recipe to look forward to, will make you understand where I'm coming from when I see the coming on of fall a reason for celebration!

Yes, I know... it's definitely a tough transition to be excited about after summer, but really, fall is a wonderful season in its own right!

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