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Recipe #11

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Wednesday evening I made the perfect soul-soothing breakfast I was desperately in need of.

I always make sure to keep a bag or two of whole-grain rolled oats in the pantry for those overnight oats I mentioned in the Recipe #6 post. And also because they are so versatile: they can be ground into oat flour, and used in so many different recipes like smoothies and pancakes to name a few.

Maybe it is because I loved the rolled oats so much that I wasn't inclined to try any other type. Now it looks like they might have to watch out for this new rival competition: Steel-cut oats!

Quick Background Info (for those who don't know):

Rolled oats have gone through a steaming and flattening process (aka: rolled). Steel-cut oats are the unprocessed oat groat, merely chopped into pieces by a steel blade (aka: steel-cut). While they are very different in texture, both are whole-grain and similar in nutritional value.

This recipe might just have you keeping a bag of good-ole steel-cut oats on hand from now on...


* Lazy Steel-Cut Oatmeal *

The First Mess

In this recipe, the steel-cut oats are cooked in the overnight oats fashion: with a good night-long soak!

It took but 10 minutes to prep in the evening, and just a couple minutes the next morning to warm over the stove-top. (trust me; it comes to a boil fast!)

I honestly can’t believe I had never used, cooked, or eaten steel-cut oats for breakfast before.

Lazy Steel-Cut Oatmeal

If there was ever such a comfort breakfast that sent my taste buds to heaven, this is it!

Warm and creamy, dissolving with a burst of cinnamon in my mouth, and the slightly crunchy, nutty texture of the oats balanced it out perfectly. The sour cherries mixed in, attained a fabulous juiciness from soaking in the liquid and made my taste buds soar even higher when I got one in my spoonful. YUM!

A comforting, nourishing, and filling breakfast it was on that slightly chilly Thursday morning. It’s a wonder how good food makes one cheerful no matter what else is going on! I made this AGAIN for Friday morning, it was just so good :).

The serving size is perfect by the way. I felt just the right amount satisfied and ready to take on the day.



I have already made this for breakfast a bunch more times since as the mornings are starting to get colder. I have tried topping my bowl with sliced banana, raspberries, and pear—they all were delicious!


Give it a try yourself:

head over to Join In page to see all the recipes shared from The First Mess Cookbook under Blog Love on her Cookbook page.

for convenience here is the link to the blog that this recipe is shared on

(they added maca—which was not in the cookbook recipe. There were also 2 tablespoons of dried sour cherries added with the almond milk in the original recipe that they leave out. Otherwise it's the same!)

We all need some warmth, cheer, and nourishment to awaken to on these chilly fall mornings. And it's so easy to make!

Mind blowing? Let me know in the comments!

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