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9 recipes down, 261 days to go

The same evening as the corn cake, I made my first ever soup recipe!


Friday, September 4th

- Summer Harvest Tortilla Soup -

Oh She Glows

I made the tortilla “chips” first. Angela had put down a prep time of 5 minutes. This might have been possible, except for the step which said to arrange the cut strips of tortilla in a SINGLE LAYER on the baking sheet!! I can’t even tell you how painful that was to a perfectionista like me. Eventually I had to give up because they refused to get unattached from each other. It ended up taking me a grand total of 15 minutes.

On to making the soup...

The onion I had was very juicy. Yes, this is the proper adjective.

When I was peeling off the skin, it sprayed juice in my eyes! AHH! It stung so bad I was dripping tears, and it took a minute to blink them clear.

Another incident, this one more laughable than cryable, was when I was pressing my knife on top of a garlic clove to split its peel.

Whoop! It popped right into the sink! My dad, who was washing dishes there, thought I had done it intentionally. We had a good laugh.

The onion and garlic got extra time to saute because I was running behind with chopping the rest of the vegetables I was supposed to be adding to the pan.

My advice:

Do the prep work before starting the recipe to ease the feeling of time pressure. Don't try multitasking until your speed and confidence has built up.

Summer Harvest Tortilla Soup


I added the optional jalapeno which I regretted because the soup turned out super duper spicy! It was definitely not lacking in the flavor department. The tortilla strips never became crunchy, but they still tasted good. My mom ate a handful of them on their own.

Making this soup was a nice refresher compared to the other dinners I have made so far. It was relatively easy and straightforward and cooked in one pot.

Soup is comforting and a great way to get in a lot of veggies. Look out for more soups I'll be making in the coming chilly seasons!

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