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Monday, November 30th.

Apple and Raspberry Slices + Healing Rooibos Tea

Deliciously Ella + Oh She Glows

It was a nice day today for fall verging on winter. Quite refreshing if you ask me.

School went by so fast. Then I went to a field to get a couple buckets of grounder work in with my sister.

I started baking this afternoon snack at 4:15. It ended up being pretty much my dinner. Sorry celery root! I sat down to have a slice at 6:15, with my mom, who was very excited to try some. She is always excited for any deliciously aromatic treat I bake up. Anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself here...

This was quite a simple recipe to make, and very healthy, if you are able to overlook the, umm, 320 mL of maple syrup. (about 1 1/3 cups). Holy crap, that's a lot of maple syrup.

This recipe called for apple puree, which I googled to be about the same thing as apple sauce. That we had.

Other than this looking like a delicious recipe to bake on a chilly fall afternoon, there were 2 cartons of raspberries sitting bright, plump, and fresh in the fridge. When is that ever the case?

The recipe called for fresh raspberries and 2 sliced apples to top this slice/cake, whatever the heck it's called. I didn't even use up one apple. The slices for half an apple completely covered the top of the batter.

A somewhat strange ingredient this recipe called for was the water from a can of chickpeas. Yes. Chickpea water. What in heck makes this water so special? Why not some normal water, Ella?

Well I put this in anyways, though I'm so used to draining the water from the can, I stopped myself in horror upon realizing that I had starting emptying the water down the sink. Good save there.

Looking quite pretty, this slice/cake thingy got popped in the oven. To bake. For 45-50 minutes. Damn I had forgotten this one took even longer than normal to cook.

Well, I got myself a snack while I waited. No surprise what I chose. And nope, it was not the leftover drained chickpeas. Those went into a container in the fridge, while I helped myself to the last slice of pizza. I'm sorry chickpeas, but that piece of pizza just looks a tad bit better.

Ella said she loves these slices with a turmeric or matcha latte. Does turmeric tea work?

Other than that this tea seemed fitting to go with this recipe, I also had some ginger root to use up. I ended up still having a good chunk of it left after the 3 inch of sliced ginger that went into this recipe, along with a heap of turmeric root. Turmeric root is not cheap and the smallest quantity I could get was 1/2 pound. This turned out to be a LOT of tiny turmeric fingers, more than I'll probably ever be able to use. While the tea boiled I searched up how to freeze them. Very easy. I put the ginger and turmeric in seperate, sealed plastic bags.

Talking about tea, this was my very first time making tea. Well, not counting heating up water in the microwave and putting a tea bag in it. This involved simmering rooibos tea bags in a pot of boiling water with sliced fresh lemon, ginger and turmeric root. Then draining it through a fine-mesh sieve. Fancy.

The slice came out of the oven, and the topping had completely shrunk, now bunched up in the center. Did I mention there was 1 tablespoon of baking soda in it? I also have an inkling that the square pan I used was a wee bit too small...

It was still gooey in the middle after an extra five minutes. I took it out, because the edges were getting a little too crispy.

Sticky, sweet, and undeniable craveworthy it was. All that maple syrup, I tell you. I think I'll try making it with just 1/2 cup of maple syrup, and an extra 1/2 cup of almond milk next time...

The shrunken apples turned out soft and melt-in-your-mouth, unlike the brittle, crispy slices topping the muffins. I should have added the full two apples. My mistake.

I'm not a big tea person, and don't have tea that often. The flavor of this, however, was quite nice. But what can I say... anything with ginger in it turns out well. Tea is something I've found, that, like that green smoothie I tried, takes time to grown on you. It takes a while of drinking it to like it. My mom very much liked this tea. It made 4 cups, which were all gone by the end of the evening. I drank just a small glass, the rest... well, you know who drank it. I'll make another batch tomorrow. What other use have I got for that heapload of turmeric?

The slices were quite delicious warm with some of that fancy tea. Bring on the healing properties, please. I could use it. Big time.

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