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Updated: May 26, 2021

Wednesday, November 25th.

- Coffee Cake -

Deliciously Ella

Another cake. Another family birthday. This one for my brother!

I made this the day after his birthday because I wasn't able to make it day-of. No forgotten ingredients this time.

I made half a cake again, because, well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Key word: PIE! I still wanted to make this cake for my brother though.

I know I've mentioned in an earlier post that no one in my family drinks coffee, but coffee cake is a different thing, and this one looked absolutely delicious. I did have to buy instant coffee to make this. It didn't call for that much, and now we have a lot of it left in the pantry.

For other coffee-baking endeavors I guess.

Don't tell... I tried a little taste of it before I put it in the batter. It was absolutely gross. Super duper bitter. Parents, don't worry, I'm not at all inclined to drink it, not anytime soon. I am done growing though, so I guess it wouldn't affect that.

The recipe called for rapeseed oil. I thought this was a typo and she meant grapeseed oil. I had never heard of rapeseed oil. Turns out rapeseed oil is actually a thing.

How many types of oil are there?!

Anyways, with a little research I found that rapeseed and canola oil are basically the same thing, so instead of getting another oil for our kitchen, I used canola oil in its place.

I love how easy and simple her instructions for the cake are. This is now my second time baking a cake from this cookbook (see carrot cake).

The frosting on this cake however, was skeptical. It was made from only pure coconut yogurt, with a little maple syrup and a tiny bit of cacao powder. The yogurt had to be whipped for 5 minutes minutes straight. The frosting, or whipped yogurt if you may, turned out a much lighter color than in the recipe picture.

I made this cake in the afternoon, for a kind of afternoon snack I guess. Anyways, I was starving by the time it was done.

The cake was really good. Just like the carrot cake, it was nice and moist, and smelled delicious. A success in the cake department. The frosting was mediocre, a little weird. With the cake made from ground almonds and whole-grain flours, and the frosting from coconut yogurt, the could definitely cross over into the breakfast category. And it has coffee in it.

Well, happy birthday brother!

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