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Wednesday, November 18th.

- A Causally Specific Green Smoothie -

The First Mess

I was looking for a way to use up the fresh mint and basil leftover from the brussels sprouts salad (see previous post). Well, this green smoothie called for 1/4 cup of fresh mixed herbs, so I thought, why not try it out?

I had been eyeing this smoothie for a little while now, but I've always made the classic green monster smoothie from Oh She Glows when I'm in the mood for a green drink. I was a little skeptical of this smoothie. For one thing, it called for 1 whole lime (peeled and chopped). 1 WHOLE LIME! Limes are quite a sour citrus fruit... this was a very large quantity of sourness...

Well, I got the other ingredients including coconut water, an english cucumber, and 2 kiwis. I was all ready to make this Wednesday morning, though not very excited about it, to be honest. Even though I didn't particularly want this green smoothie for my breakfast that morning, I felt I had to give it a try before the herbs went bad. No procrastination allowed.

The first sip I took, I experienced a horrible aversion. I had never drank anything as strong and tart as this. I felt like tossing it, but then I would have felt horrible for wasting it. So I slowly and cautiously took another sip... and another. By the fifth sip I didn't feel like spitting it up. I was starting to get used to it.

I'm not sure how much I liked it overall, but I drank the whole glass. It was different. I think it will take some getting used to before I say it's good. I'm thinking I'll put in half a lime next time.

The freshness of the smoothie went really nicely with the freshness in the air outside. Has anyone else noticed how wonderfully fresh and vibrant the earth smells after it rains? I inhaled deeply and contently on my lunchtime walk.

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