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20 recipes down, 246 days to go

I have reached the next tens digit! My celebration: making this recipe!


Friday, September 18th

- Burrito-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Rustic Salsa -

The First Mess

This was surprisingly low-stress to make. The order and timing of each of the components was already laid out sensibly so I didn't have to make a plan and move any steps around. This was the first "meal" recipe I timed perfectly with how long it would take! WHOOP WHOOP!! That means I'm improving :)

This was a recipe I was really looking forwards to. I mean... I love burritos, and I love sweet potatoes. What could be better than this ultimate combination?

I was not let down. My family member tasters were in agreement—I could make this again any time for happy customers.


A Special Something: It's my family's tradition to go apple picking on Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year). Rosh Hashanah was Saturday, September 19th. With the abundance of apples we got, I've got a special recipe planned to share with you all next week—my Rosh Hashanah tradition! Wishing a sweet year to all!

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