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2 recipes down, 268 days to go

In the evening I made the following cake to top with dairy-free vanilla bean ice cream! Vanilla bean ice-cream is my go-to favorite ice-cream to pair with any dessert, and just so delicious in general. Not to hate on chocolate or the other crazy flavors out there—because they're good too.


Friday, August 28th

- Fudgy Mocha Pudding Cake -

Oh She Glows

Instead of the hot coffee in this cake, I used the substitution option of boiling water. My family doesn't drink any coffee, so we don't have any, and it didn't make sense to get any. Maybe that was a mistake?

The prep was relatively quick and easy, taking about 15 minutes to get in the oven. The batter looked very similar to brownie batter, but right before putting it in the oven, I poured the hot liquid over it—covering it completely. Then it looked like a complete disaster (which is normal, Angela Liddon promises).

It bakes for around 27 minutes.

It didn't look like it was done after that time, so I left it in another 5 minutes... turns out this is a classic mistake! I got less of a pudding consistency and more of a cake-like consistency. Second guessing threw me.

It was still gobbled up, and gone by the next day. My family is always excited to eat whatever I make that looks chocolatey. It wasn't quite as good as I was looking forwards to (probably due to cooking it too long, and using water not coffee), but having ice-cream with it helped remedy that. The coconut milk ice-cream was super delicious! Together, the cake and ice-cream reminded me of my favorite dessert that I used to get at California Pizza Kitchen—the chocolate souffle cake (even better than their brownie sundae). If you haven't gotten it before, I wholeheartedly recommend getting it the next time you eat or order from there. And make sure you get the additional scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top! It absolutely makes it.

This was not quite as good, but hey, this version is healthier for you!

Fudgy Mocha Pudding Cake
Gooey Inside

Up next is my biggest, most taxing endeavor yet...

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