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This is Ella's favourite falafel recipe. That, along with all the leftover parsley still sitting in the fridge from my most recent salad endeavor, were what influenced my decision to make these...


Monday, September 14th

- Baked Sun-Dried Tomato Falafel -

Deliciously Ella

I made these special falafel balls in the evening to go with my dinner of leftover hummus and salad. These were the easiest falafels I have made (out of my one other experience making falafels). There was absolutely no prep work! It was just a throw everything into the food processor. Pulse. Scoop and roll. Bake.

You bet I'll be making these again.

This falafel recipe used half butter beans, half chickpeas. I never knew beans other than chickpeas could be used... I guess they can.

There was one pre-step of roasting the garlic cloves, but this wasn't the first time I had done this, and it really just takes 10 extra minutes.

Baked Sun-Dried Tomato Falafel

Yes, the batter of these falafels including a generous handful of parsley. No, I wasn't aversed this time! It was blended in so sneakily that I couldn't even see it, much less taste it distinctly because of the other clashing flavors.

My brother's remark, "I didn't know falafels had so much flavor," sums up these balls perfectly. They really gave traditional falafels a run for their money!

These were fabulous with the hummus; a great contrast of rich and creamy flavors.

My brother and I both ate them as a snack over the next couple of days—they were surprisingly cravable, and a real treat. These certainly didn't last long!


Behold: the great possibilities of falafels!

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