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A great exertion of effort and a recommendation to juice up your salad game below...


Saturday, September 12th

- Classic Hummus + Roast Squash, Spring Onion and Mixed Rice Salad -

Oh She Glows + Deliciously Ella

Butternut Squash

You should be admiring these pieces of butternut squash. A "you did it" or "way to go" would be nice :). It was an exhausting, strenuous, and painful battle I waged against that hard, tough, stubborn squash!! A lot of arm strength, appliance of pressure, and over 20 minutes it took to get the squash cut into "bite size pieces!" My mom was the lucky one, working in the next room, who got to hear my audible exertions of effort.

The dressing called for pomegranate molasses, which turns out to be a highly expensive ingredient that I didn't have the budget for. I ended up adding a generous handful of fresh pomegranate seeds as a substitute. It turned out well! I would recommend experimenting with adding some pomegranate seeds to your salads. They are a marvelously juicy-sweet treat when you get one in your forkful—bursting on your tongue!

Classic Hummus + Roast Squash, Spring Onion and Mixed Rice Salad

I have something against parsley—its taste is too strong and bitter for me. I ended up picking out the parsley when eating the salad.

This was my favorite salad so far out of the salads I have made from Deliciously Ella. The hummus receives 3.5 stars.

I had this for three days worth of lunches, and my mom enjoyed some for lunch too.

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