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I absolutely love carrot cake.

I made carrot cake a couple months ago for my own birthday I love it so much.

I have been looking forwards to making this special recipe in celebration of my mom's birthday... she's a lover of carrot cake too!

I've got to say, this one definitely takes home the winner for the best carrot cake I have ever eaten...


Friday, September 11th

- Carrot Cake -

Deliciously Ella

This was probably the most enjoyable recipe I've made so far what with taste testing along the way and icing the layers, which is so much fun!

Carrot Cake

Why is there half a cake? Because I decided (idiotically) to make half a cake. I cut the recipe in half and made one layer of cake, which I then cut in half and stacked to make half of a double-layer cake.

I thought there would be an abundance of dessert if I made a whole cake.

Let me tell you... it was gone by the next afternoon, with my family members (and myself) expressing regret for not getting another slice.

It was pure heaven—rich, comforting, moist, and such a perfect balance of flavors. You'd never guess... the icing was made from soaked cashews!


What type of cake do you love? Any carrot cake fans out there?

Let me know in the comments!

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