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Updated: Mar 13, 2021

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I'm a pancake girl.

If I'm looking to cook something sweet as a treat for breakfast in the morning, I'll go for pancakes. In my opinion, nothing can beat those fluffy chocolate chip pancakes.

I've made pancakes so often, Thursday morning I decided to switch things up a little...


Thursday, September 10th

- Easy Gluten-Free Waffles -

The First Mess

I placed a lot of faith on the word "Easy." This turned out to be a very stressful morning that resulted in me being late for my first class of the day (remote high school).

I was already behind time with the batter, and then I had to get help from my dad with the waffle iron since this was my first time using it. To my dad's credit, he was timely and efficient in helping me. Though he did put in his two cents by giving some unnecessary criticism, which heightened the tension I was feeling.

Easy Gluten-Free Waffles

There are three waffles in the picture. Our waffle iron has four waffle indents, and the batter ended up making two batches, so a total of eight waffles.

I was planning on having leftover waffles for my breakfast Friday as well...

My brother ate the waffles I had stored in the fridge, so there went that plan. I was a bit upset about it, since these waffles had taken such an expenditure of energy. He said he had only meant to eat one, but they were so good he went back for more.

They were really good, attributing to the flavor from the mashed ripe banana and coconut—the combination making these waffles craveworthy. So satisfying were they to bite into—with a slight crunch and chewness—from the contrast of crisp and tender. I only wish I'd gotten to savor them properly—I was in such chaotic state of mind because I had to get to class.

I'll most definitely be making these again when I'm craving something sweet for breakfast!


Did they beat pancakes?

I'm honestly not sure...

What's your go-to sweet treat for breakfast? Are you a pancake or waffle person?

Let me know in the comments!

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